2010 Winners

Education Queensland Award
11-13 Years

First Prize

by Elizabeth Waldron
Petersham, NSW

A wedding Anniversary
A day for deep reflection
When brides remember solemn vows
And briderly perfection.

This bride was perfect long before
The proposal was acquired
Before her mind became obsessed
And wedding staff were hired.

She takes no note of courtesies
No need for false restraint
With grit and grimness she becomes
A diva of complaint.

A bridal magazine becomes
Her ever present friend
Table settings, rings and gowns
For brides with lots to spend.

“The flowers must be perfect
Every leaf should know their place
My guests will slake their thirst upon
French wines with vintage taste”.

The stress of it takes over
She yells and shouts and screams
She has a mission: to create
The wedding of her dreams.

But where’s the groom? Irrelevant!
The wedding is HER show
He is now bound to disgorge
The money they will owe.

And as she walks along the aisle
The groom feels faint and queer
He feels the pressures of the day
He feels the end is near.

Just before he says “I do”
He crumbles into dust
The panicked best man runs away
The bride glares in disgust.

The frantic bridal cries of “Groom!
I need a spare one here!”
Remained unanswered by the crowd
No-one will volunteer.

This anniversary’s poignant, then
Because the wedding faltered
The bride sits, lonely in her room
Her wedding plans were altered.

Weddings serve a purpose, then
Their role is to consume;
To monstrify the bride and then
To etiolate the groom.

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