2010 Winners

Education Queensland Award
11-13 Years

Highly Commended

The iPhone
by Kristin Gray
Carindale, Qld

Mum, may I please have an iPhone?
Oh, why not?

Mum, if I got an iPhone...
I'd practise my maths skills on an app
And learn my times tables in a snap
You'd see an improvement in all my results
And then, in my work - no more faults!

Mum, if I got an iPhone...
I'd use the dictionary to check my spelling
So finally then you'd stop your yelling
Assignments would be hard no more
For they'd not be an annoying chore.

Oh no - I wouldn't like a tutor instead, no thanks!

Mum, if I got an iPhone...
I'd tidy my room for the whole of the year...
Oh no, that's not what I wanted to hear
No why will you not even try to believe me?
There'll be a real difference, I promise, you'll see.

Mum, if I don't get an iPhone...
I'll be the only one without in my class
And in those hard tests - all but me will pass
Soon I'll be the only one without in my school
And everyone will think you are really very cruel.

Yes, Mum, I was exaggerating.  (Only a bit though)

I'm not allowed to get an iPhone
Just have to take my Mum's on loan
She will never know the lack
Oh want your iPhone back?

Highly Commended

The Ballerina's Wish
by Jamie-Lee Egberts
Silkstone, Qld

The silky feel of the satin toe shoes,
The pain and elation of a perfect arabesque,
The shouts and camaraderie of those all around,
The approving or disappointed stare of one held in high regard,
The endless applause and dreamless nights,
The insubstantial security of love and a family,
The muscles straining to breaking point,
The stickiness of a rubbing leotard,
The accomplishment of a life well-spent,

Ballerinas do have their regrets,
Amongst a cascade of memories,
A drafty hall of glistening bodies,
The boiling stage of a star,
The wish of a ballerina,
Would be to have led a normal life,
A life of laughter and light banter,
A life of serious choices,
And a chance to do them over

If a ballerina,
Be she little or prima,
If one slight twist of the ankle would occur,
A wrong landing at an odd angle,
The life of a ballerina would be over,
Never to hear the sombre strains of the string quartet,
Enticing the limbs to greater feats,
Never to have the bizarre,
But supposedly worthwhile,
Sense of pain, ache and relief,
That comes at the conclusion of a practice,
The life of a ballerina,
As a ballerina,
After only one catastrophic mishap,
Would be over,
Forever and indefinitely,
And then they will wish,
The ballerina’s wish.

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