2010 Winners

14-15 Years

Highly Commended

by Cruise Lucas
Narangba, Qld

Is something hard to find.
In this busy world.
There is never time for it.
Some find it as something scary.
Some think of it as amazing.

And not just silence of the mouth.
That comes easy.
But silence in the things around.
Stillness in the wind.
No birds chirping.
Like the world has just stopped.

That would be amazing.
Though it wouldn’t last long.
Like when you jump off the high rocks into the water.
That moment in the air were nothing matters.
If you could stop mid-air and look around.
That would be great.

Highly Commended

The Darkness
by Brandon Morgan
Redbank Plains, Qld

It drains all of the hope away,
and replaces it with despair.
My heart, too stricken and cold,
to feel it pressing down.

Backed against a corner,
as it reaches out for me.
Drowned in fear, suffocated by despair
I painfully wait for that moment when it ends.

Death itself is better than this.

Its touch is like a velvet blanket,
wanting to envelop me with its cold heart.
Its breath is stained with fear and whispers,
that consumes me, mind and soul.
It crawls and lurks as one mass,
and devours anything it can reach,
in its inexhaustible quest to spread insanity.

What has created such a Fiend,
that can effortlessly dehumanize me.

Why have I been chosen,
Why not the mean boy,
who picks the wings off flies, and stomps on ants.
Why not the young girl,
who blindly follows her own vanity, and can't see her own cruelty.

The Dark void creeps closer as it breaks me,
Friendship, family, laughter, love.
All that seems like nothing now.

Only the cold waiting arms of
Death comfort me.
Only knowing that soon,
it’ll finally finish me.
Only that matters now.

Too scared to say goodbye,
Too frozen to scream.

I feel like I may never be happy again,
or ever see the light again.

I have fallen too far this time,

beyond Gods reach,

as I am swallowed,

by the Darkness.

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