2010 Winners

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

First Prize

by Jacqueline Krynda
Merewether High School, Broadmeadow, NSW

My godfather
lived in an obedient
wooden house near
an overgrown park
with empty swings.
His white painted fences
marked the boundary
of his world,
his footsteps
traced in and out of the gate.

After school, I sat on the
railings, waving my feet
at passing cars. He
confided to me the mysteries
of his garden. As he worked,
I told him the enigmas of
Year Five lunchtimes,
classrooms, stories of
battered tennis balls
rolling over hot bitumen.
Between us,
a sealed envelope of knowledge
was passed over the fence.

When they buried him, people stood
as still as wooden palings. One reached over
and dropped in the usual
handful of soil. I alone knew
he would make it grow.
He could do anything.

My godfather
lies in still church yard
his fences all
knocked down.
Sunlight slides along the
grass at the end of
every day, and
pale daisies freckle
the stones resting on his brow.


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