2010 Winners

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Second Prize

Australia (with apologies to Allen Ginsberg)
by Jacqueline Krynda
Merewether High School, Broadmeadow, NSW

Australia please teach me how to speak.
Australia pinch your nose, that’s it, you’ve got it!
Hey, hey! We’re havin’ a good time!
Australia you made us love lammos and BBQs,
Flannos, wife-beaters-
It’s not your fault, Australia.
You’ve had a few.
Y’ can’t fool us.
Australia, we know what’s going on.
Australia, you say summer
all the bloody time- we
just don’t talk about the other stuff.
Huddle up in jumpers
looking outside.
Bloody cold, mate.
You’re telling us its snowing somewhere
on a cm2 out past the capital
Nah, not Sydney, to the left a bit,
that’s the one! Can-brah!
Yeah mate, we’re all impressed by that one. We know
your bark’s worse than your Bight.
Dirt by sea, an’ all that.
You would hurt your own fly,
Australia, you just sit back and frown at
the Others.Y’can’ttrustthemtheydon’tspeakEnglishgood.
Not wanted, mate.
Gotta preserve our cul-cha. Mate.
Australia why do you rush home
to watch other blokes getting their heads
squashed into the ground
by other blokes?
And why, Australia,
on a colourful box in your living room?
Carn, mate.
But that’s right, Australia, you’re into sport,
but only when it involves
a couple of beers and a pizza.
Cryin’ blue murder
when your team’s lost
fair and square. Again.
Y’ don’t know what the world’s comin’ to, Australia.
You couldn’t label a world map,
but think the country’s going bonkers,
I mean, come on, everyone was so impressed
that the old PM could speak a fruit.
What’s that all about, Australia?
But Australia, I know you’ll be alright.
You’re fair dinkum, you are.
You won’t put up with the rest of the world’s nonsense.
Will you?


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