2010 Winners

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Highly Commended

Knot Tying
by Verona Niebling
Port Macquarie, NSW

At birth my mother gave me a heart,
So one day I could feel.
I treasured it so, I laid it in a box,
Protected by a jungle of string.
But then I met a magician
For which butterflies offered the tightly wrapped box.
With only his breath,
The knots untied, the box opened.
He did so to only satisfy curiosity.
Immediately, it returned,
Untied and half open.
I peered inside to know what caused such offence,
To see only moth eaten red paper on one side.

Highly Commended

The Wonderful City of Ipswich
by Marnie Mitchell
St. Mary's College, Ipswich, Qld

Ipswich; not just a place but an allegory
A modern city full of life is what most will see
But if you look closer there’s a history so strong
Of a city so grand to which many belong

A small place we once were, but small only in size
For the pride of Ipswich shone bright in our eyes
And if anyone asked where it was we were from
We screamed it out loud and ensured they caught on

From the settlers, to miners to townsfolk and more
The Railway Workshops, mines and mill at our core
St Mary’s church was built, and it still stands high
A majestic wonder and beauty to all who pass by

The stories of great men in Ipswich are old
Who turned this land from a mine to a city so bold
Archibald, Backhouse, Cameron, just a few
Thanks to them, the life of the city renewed

From these great men to now, our city has grown,
But there’s one thing unchanged…the pride we have shown
Our adults and youth are achieving success
Natural talents and gifts our folk do possess

Through our triumphs Ipswich has become recognised
Our success and achievements cannot be disguised
We await what comes next, but there’s one thing I know
For Ipswich its greatness and in pride we will grow

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