2010 Winners

River 94.9 Award – 5–7 Years

Highly Commended

Game Over
by Justen Webster
Green Valley, NSW

I kicked the door down into the fortress,
and there was the evil king.
He tried defeating me with his sword
- the blade was glistening.

I ran out of the castle,
but the king called up his guards,
to chase me out the door,
so I turned them into cards.

The first guard was an ace of spades,
the second was queen of hearts.
The king tried to defeat me again,
so I crushed him into parts.

We were kings on the checkered table,
I told my queen to take out his knight.
The evil king had nowhere to go,
I knocked him over with all my might.

I was tired of action games,
Solitaire and chess.
Mum told me to clean my room,
because I made a mess.

Mum says I play games too much
and that I have to have a break.


Highly Commended

by Lara Murray
Home Education Unit, South Brisbane, Qld

Pink, grey and white
Feathers on a galah
Flying Through the sky.
Plop! It lands in a gum tree
And who does it see?
It sees it's friends.
And whoosh! it is gone
With a screech and a squawk.

Highly Commended

by Jillian McFarlane
St Joseph’s Primary School, North Ipswich, Qld

It's great to be part of a family,
I love our holidays best of all.
Our favourite place is the beach,
When we are there we have a ball.
The bigger the family the better,
Ours is really quite big,
There is Mum, Dad, 3 sisters and me.
In my family there is lots of love,
When it gets dark we come in to eat,
At the end of our dinner it's great to sit, talk and laugh.

Highly Commended

by Georgie Brown
Warrill View State School, Warrill View. Qld

Ball of spots
Hard and shiny
Lots of dots, in my garden.

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