2010 Winners

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award
8-10 Years

Highly Commended

by William Kitching
Raceview State School, Raceview, Qld

Players run on to the field of play,
To meet the referees at half way.
The whistle blows and off we go.
We dribble the ball and pass it around,
Until an open player is found.
He’s in the box and ready to shoot,
It’s a goal, off the side of his boot!
With one minute to go,
The opposition are running down the side,
We need a good tackle or we’ll lose our pride.
We tackle hard and get the ball,
We need one more to make it two all.
A big hard boot sends it far up the field,
Our players aren’t there yet,
One flies up and headers it in to the back of the net.
We didn’t win but we managed to tie,
We still go home filled with pride.

Highly Commended

Living in Two Worlds
Sam Cujes
Chapel Hill State School, Chapel Hill, Qld

I can see him from behind a moss covered rock.
I can see him guarding gold and jewels.
Serious eyes looking left, right, left, right.
The head stops, his long slender tail tightens around the gold.
He sees something.
He snorts and smoke rises from his nostrils.
His sharp lashing tail beats against the ground
Thump, thump.
He lopes towards me, leaving the gold behind.
Closer, closer
He turns around, his back pointing at me
He squawks, turns his head and nods.
I climb onto his back and his humongous taloned wings open out.
I hold on around his frilly neck,
Slowly we lift off the ground and I'm in another world
My dragon's world.

Highly Commended

Dove Freedom
by Miranda Kidd
Sinnamon Park, Qld

I must be silent
That I will agree to
But stop my thoughts?
That I must not do
My thoughtful music
It will cry out loud
Wait! I cannot be silent
My music must be proud
Keep me behind bars
I will not protest
But stop my music?
That is me at my best
My life is a song
Nighting-gale am I
I won't sing in low tones
I'm on a music high
Living in music
Is living in love
When I sing a song
I'm as free as a dove

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