2011 Winners

River 94.9 Award - 5-7 Years

First Prize - Volcano by Jesse van Swinderen
Second Prize - Ballet Lessons by Lauren Packer
Third Prize - The Jolly Postman by Tanya Sinha
Highly Commended - My Sister Mararet by Winnie Waterworth
Highly Commended - Amazing Clouds by Tanya Sinha
Highly Commended - A Tree in All Seasons by Columbine Dore
Highly Commended - My Dog by Lauren Gibson

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award - 8-10 Years

First Prize - My Cat by Grace Brockett
Second Prize - The Harpist by Bessie Hosking
Third Prize - Solitary Straw Man by Dalena Dinh
Highly Commended - The Beach by James Moriarty
Highly Commended - Wolf by Tessa van Swinderen
Highly Commended - Confusion by Simon Watt
Highly Commended - Ocean's Fair by Teagan Baldwin Core
Highly Commended - Patience by Harry Che
Highly Commended - The Outback by Claire Moman
Highly Commended - An Image of Morning Grass by Nicola Frassetto
Highly Commended - Stage Fright by Liam Plumpton
Highly Commended - The Flood by Caitlin Williamson
Highly Commended - What the Sea Knows by Katie Bell

Highly Commended - My Family by Jessica Deas
Highly Commended - Autumn by Delaram Sani Kermani

Education Queensland Award - 11-13 Years

First Prize - Disruptive Night by Loc Nguyen
Second Prize - The Magic Box by James Shegog
Third Prize - Fixing Fences by Fletcher Apel
Highly Commended - Strawberry is...  by Nikita Rahman
Highly Commended - Why Do We by Krystal Hallam
Highly Commended - 100 in 1 by Isabel Bosman
Highly Commended - Like a Chainsaw Cutting a Little Grain of Sand by Charlotte Schmidt
Highly Commended - Creature by Tia Adermann

Ipswich News Award - 14-15 Years

First Prize - The Not-So-Standard Book of Birds by Elizabeth Waldron
Second Prize - Roadtrip by Sara Stanley
Third Prize - Letter to the Chief Cosmeticienne (in charge of pores) of the Institute de Beaute by Elizabeth Waldron
Highly Commended - Taken by Kate Johns
Highly Commended - Remote War by Caelen Baldwin Core
Highly Commended - Down Beneath the Waves by Annie-Rose Forsythe
Highly Commended - The Street Corner by Jamie-Lee Egberts

Ipswich City Council Award - 16-17 Years

First Prize - Stamps by Jacqueline Krynda
Second Prize - The Night Road by Jacqueline Krynda
Third Prize - Dispossession by Jack Burnham
Highly Commended - Death in the City-State by Daena Ho
Highly Commended - The Ox by Sarah Webster
Highly Commended - Static by Jacqueline Krynda
Highly Commended - Sea Go Still by Sarah Webster

The Babies of Walloon Award - Open Age Bush Poetry

First Prize - Grandad's Purple Donkey by Kym Eitel
Second Prize - The Quest for Annabelle by Ellis Campbell
Third Prize - Dungeon on the Hill by Tom McIlveen
Highly Commended - One More Day by Ellis Campbell
Highly Commended - As Tracks May Lead by Brenda Joy
Highly Commended - A Kingdom of Clouds by David Campbell
Highly Commended - The Old Man and the Dairy by Tom McIlveen
Highly Commended - Black and White by Tony Hammill
Highly Commended - Nature Versus Man by Ellis Campbell

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award - Open Age Other Poetry

First Prize - Albion Street by Brett Dionysius
Second Prize - Pink Balloon by Brett Dionysius
Third Prize - Today in New York by Kira McPherson
Highly Commended - The Silent Evolution by Jan Price
Highly Commended - Hives by Nathan Curnow
Highly Commended - Girl in Winter/Driftwood by Michael Crane
Highly Commended - Chrysalid by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - For My Father by Mark Miller
Highly Commended - Camping Upriver by Mark Miller

Rosewood Green Award - Open Age Local Poetry

First Prize - Heartland by Brett Dionysius
Second Prize - Final by Vanessa Page
Third Prize - Flood by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - Crossroads by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - Patrichor by Vuong Pham
Highly Commended - Fields of Cain by Damian Lewis

Chair's Encouragement Awards

5-17 Years - Haunted by Julian Raven
Open Age - Ipswich - My City by William Forrest
School - Raceview State School, Raceview, Qld

Ipswich - Great to Be Here Awards

5-13 Yrs. Winner - A Day Out by Sarah Hobson
14-17 Yrs. - Crisis? What Crisis! by Casey Beaumont
Open Age Winner - Limestone Park by Vanessa Page

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

Petrichor by Vuong Pham

2011 Overall Winner & recipient of
the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Kym Eitel, Limestone Creek, Qld

Watch a video from the 2011 Awards Presentation night. Read the Judges' Report on the 2011 winners

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