2012 Winners

River 94.9 Award - 5-7 Years

First Prize - Love you Mom by Dhruvesh Vinai Kumar
Second Prize - My Cup of Tea by Tavish Illingworth
Third Prize - House of Don'ts by Tanya Sinha
Highly Commended - Old Mrs. Hop by Dimity Parker
Highly Commended - Little Silly Billy by Tanesha Turner
Highly Commended - Cats by Anastasia Brohier
Highly Commended - Going on a Trip by Denbeigh Darnell
Highly Commended - Binnaburra by Cindy Thomas

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award - 8-10 Years

First Prize - Depression by Eddie Newman
Second Prize - Shearing Time by Harrison Browne
Third Prize - Library by Madeleine Orr
Highly Commended - The Whispers of Dust by Emma Watson
Highly Commended - The Cheetah by John Patch
Highly Commended - Song of the Autumn Breeze by Hanna Vesey
Highly Commended - Small Journey by Toese Ete
Highly Commended - Alone by Chelsea Ellis
Highly Commended - Shadows by Sam Forsythe
Highly Commended - My Mythical Box by Rachel Rea
Highly Commended - The Dragon's Lair by Sophia Lin
Highly Commended - Dancer by Grace Newton
Highly Commended - The Night Sky by William Rea
Highly Commended - Stage Fright by Joe Xavier

Education Queensland Award - 11-13 Years

First Prize - Fist Pump Try by Ethan Vince
Second Prize - Eagle by Benjamin Holmes
Third Prize - Birth in the Desert by Brynnie Rafe
Highly Commended - That Fantastic, Feline, Feeling  by Grace Brockett
Highly Commended - The Moonlight Herd by Zoe Brosnan
Highly Commended - Two Worlds by Jaiden DeMaid
Highly Commended - Dancing by Nicola Frassetto
Highly Commended - Never Too Young by Phoebe Blakey
Highly Commended - Without You by Caitlin Romensky
Highly Commended - Minotaur by Brynnie Rafe
Highly Commended - The Butterfly Fish Girl by Lena van Swinderen

Ipswich News Award - 14-15 Years

First Prize - Impracticalities by Rosie McCrossin
Second Prize - Too Old for This Kind of Thing by Georgie Juszczyk
Third Prize - The Boat People by Kirsty Rolwinson
Highly Commended - My Plans for Super Villainy by Elizabeth Waldron
Highly Commended - Black & White Stars by Lucy McCulloch
Highly Commended - Rainbow by Amelia Jenkins
Highly Commended - Goodbye, Old Friend by David Richey-Lowe

Ipswich City Council Award - 16-17 Years

First Prize - Cathedral Sky by Chloe Hosking
Second Prize - Home by Sarah Merry
Third Prize - Today, Too Late by Chloe Hosking
Highly Commended - Roadside, Waiting by Talia Walker
Highly Commended - The Midnight Shroud by Jeanne Saw
Highly Commended - 6:59am by Tess McPhail

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award - Open Age Bush Poetry

First Prize - Your Shout! by Allan Goode
Second Prize - Testament Falls by Catherine Lee Clarke
Third Prize - The Rattle of the Knob by Allan Goode
Highly Commended - Faces She has Worn by Leonie Parker
Highly Commended - The Colour in My Blood by Brenda Joy
Highly Commended - Guilt by David Campbell
Highly Commended - Where Have All the Cattle Gone? by Yvonne Harper
Highly Commended - The Hunt by Catherine Lee Clarke
Highly Commended - Song of the Water-Lilies by Max Merckenschlager
Highly Commended - Closure by Brenda Joy
Highly Commended - Pioneer by Catherine Lee Clarke
Highly Commended - When You and I were Boys Old Friend by Terry Piggott

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award - Open Age Other Poetry

First Prize - The Golden Shaft by Dennis Jenkinson
Second Prize - The Small Picture by Caroline Glen
Third Prize - Fridge by David Stavanger
Highly Commended - Signals by John Evans
Highly Commended - Much by Sue Bailey
Highly Commended - The First by Mick Grace
Highly Commended - And Then There Was Egypt by Mocco Wollert
Highly Commended - Tough Love by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - Hand to Heart Combat by Sue Bailey
Highly Commended - An Afternoon with Mistral's Poems by Jena Woodhouse
Highly Commended - Visiting the Dying Poet by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - I'll Take You Home Kathleen by Tom McIlveen

Rosewood Green Award - Open Age Local Poetry

First Prize - Lucky by Julie Lynch
Second Prize - Sally Owens Rides Out by Vanessa Page
Third Prize - The Switch by Maureen Clifford
Highly Commended - Reflections by Benjamin Michelle
Highly Commended - Tallegalla by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - A Muddy Old River by Leonie Parker
Highly Commended - Victim of Religion by Andrew Dwyer
Highly Commended - Arrochar by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - She Speaks by Vuong Pham
Highly Commended - Territory by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - Was it a "Proper" Flood? by Howard Kennedy
Highly Commended - A Verse of the Outback by John Lambourne

Chair's Encouragement Awards

Open Age - 'N by Bryan Spiller
School - Mt. Marrow State School, Qld

Ipswich Theme Award - Faces of Ipswich

5-17 Yrs. Winner - A Face of Ipswich by Majella Pearl
Open Age Winner - Faces She has Worn by Leonie Parker

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

Tough Love by Vanessa Page

2012 Overall Winner & recipient of
the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Your Shout! by Allan Goode

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