2013 Winners

River 94.9 Award - 5-7 Years

First Prize - The Under Water City by Mya Smith
Second Prize - The Frilled Neck Lizard by Henry Blackledge
Third Prize - Summer by Ella Tronc
Highly Commended - I want to be a Palaeontologist by Ethan Peno
Highly Commended - When I Grow Up by Chloe Goodingham
Highly Commended - Koalas by Carmen Oxenford
Highly Commended - Tim Tams by Jessica Gray
Highly Commended - The Platypus and the Croc by Harrison Rapmund
Highly Commended - Our Trip to Girraween by Kailani Clifton

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award - 8-10 Years

First Prize - Tiny Seed by Sarah Bown
Second Prize - The Wolves are Howling by Hannah Johnston
Third Prize - Little Brothers by Grace Finlay
Highly Commended - Aussie Nature by William Rea
Highly Commended - Family Tree by Astrid Cahill
Highly Commended - The Turtle Race by Aedyn Duffy
Highly Commended - Painting Peace by Grace Finlay
Highly Commended - Lucas by Riley Granzien
Highly Commended - No Grow by Jaxan Rackley
Highly Commended - Books by Sunny Thomas
Highly Commended - Barbie by Isabella Weise

Queensland Times Award - 11-13 Years

First Prize - Evangeline by Grace Nakamura
Second Prize - Open Grave by Isabella Sheehan
Third Prize - The Bushfire Brumbies by Eva Marsh
Highly Commended - The Ode of a Ghost  by Erin Burge
Highly Commended - War by Isabella Sheehan
Highly Commended - Then Night by Munashe Mutambi
Highly Commended - I Pick Up the Stick by Eddie Newman
Highly Commended - The Book of Forgotten Words by Samantha George
Highly Commended - Dog Bath Blues by Peta Vanlieshout
Highly Commended - Horses by Emma-Jane Emms
Highly Commended - Jelly by Emma-Jane Emms
Highly Commended - Hey Echidna by Harmony Schloss
Highly Commended - Soup by Emma-Jane Emms

Broderick Family Award - 14-15 Years

First Prize - The Wolf Understood by Emma Hartley
Second Prize - And It's Alice by Emma Hartley
Third Prize - The River by Tamara Livingstone
Highly Commended - Women of Arachne by Emma Hartley
Highly Commended - Suburban Storm by Rosie McCrossin
Highly Commended - Snail by Elena Bonetto
Highly Commended - Time by Shayla Parsons
Highly Commended - Tents and Campfires by Miriam Waldron
Highly Commended - Untitled by Stevie Tucker
Highly Commended - Things by Paige Spence
Highly Commended - School Lessons by Arrabella Armstrong

Ipswich City Council Award - 16-17 Years

First Prize - No Time for Skipping Stones by Christine Collier
Second Prize - Children in Kansas Know What to Do by Siobhan Deacon
Third Prize - Red Sky in the Morning by Serena Green
Highly Commended - A Forgotten Persia by Emily Byrne
Highly Commended - Verlang by Reinette Roux
Highly Commended - Warmth by Rosaleen Cooney
Highly Commended - Descendant by Samantha Brenz-Verca
Highly Commended - Design by Joshua Murray
Highly Commended - Black Coffee for Breakfast? by Ellie Burton
Highly Commended - Shades of Red, White and Grey by Sean Adcock
Highly Commended - Express Yourself by Hania Syed

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award - Open Age Bush Poetry

First Prize - Waiting by Catherine Lee
Second Prize - A Feather in a Locket by Robyn Sykes
Third Prize - A Victim of War by Tom McIlveen
Highly Commended - A Little Silver Locket by Allan Goode
Highly Commended - Aussies by Bessie Jennings
Highly Commended - The Jumbuck Drama Club by Shelley Hansen
Highly Commended - Said You Could Fly by Arthur Green
Highly Commended - Two Wars by Yvonne Harper

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award - Open Age Other Poetry

First Prize - Slow Train Coming by John Egan
Second Prize - The Ghost of Bennelong by Spencer Ratcliff
Third Prize - Skin by David Campbell
Highly Commended - Meditations on Walking (after reading the rules) by Chris Armstrong
Highly Commended - The Hazards by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - Twenty-Four Varieties of Flowers by Rory Hudson
Highly Commended - Opening Night by John Egan
Highly Commended - Lewin's Honeyeater by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - Lovesong of the International Management Consultant by Roger Vickery
Highly Commended - The Voice of Bunjil by Spencer Ratcliff
Highly Commended - Embarkation – 1914 by Sue Bailey

Rosewood Green Award - Open Age Local Poets

First Prize - Jacaranda Street by Damen O'Brien
Second Prize - Eight Embraces by Julie Lynch
Third Prize - Robowars at the "Swich" by Scott Thouard
Highly Commended - Bomb by Brett Dionysius
Highly Commended - Little Brisbane by Caitlin Prouatt
Highly Commended - The Elixir by Damen O'Brien
Highly Commended - Fishing by Maureen Clifford

Chair's Encouragement Awards

5-17 Yrs. Winner - Black Coffee for Breakfast? by Ellie Burton
Open Age - My Dad is an Alcoholic by Melanie Gilchrist
School - Ipswich Grammar School

Ipswich Theme Awards

5-17 Yrs. Winner - A Walk through Ipswich by Majella Pearl
Open Age Winner - The Legacy Lives On by Brenda Joy

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

The Elixir by Damen O'Brien

2013 Overall Winner & recipient of
the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Damen O'Brien

Judges’ Comments
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Judges’ Reports
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