2016 Winners

River 94.9 Award - 5-7 Years

First Prize - The Library by Christy Davy
Second Prize - The Great Grey Cloud by Isaac Dorman
Third Prize - Playing by Sahil Syed
Highly Commended - I Love Cricket by Mitchell Harte
Highly Commended - Stunt Man by Archie Watts
Highly Commended - The War Stopped by Fergus Forrest
Highly Commended - Surfing Big Waves by Mali Simpson
Highly Commended - Spiders by Philippa Seymour
Highly Commended - Colours by Lucy McGowan

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award - 8-10 Years

First Prize - Sad Sunflowers by Abby Jennings
Second Prize - To My Dad by Chris Roussos
Third Prize - Dusk by Mia Groom
Highly Commended - Crow by Alexia Leake
Highly Commended - Storm by Jack Beutel
Highly Commended - Into the Circles by Abby Jennings
Highly Commended - The Diggers by Gabriella Gigliotti
Highly Commended - A Poem for the ANZACs by Tadhg Stuckey
Highly Commended - My Favourite Pinball Game by Pippa Ellis
Highly Commended - Winter's Wipe-Out by Indi Vidler
Highly Commended - The Sea by Dallas Kennedy

Broderick Family Award - 11-13 Years

First Prize - Dont' Tell Me this will Pass by Eden Filbin-Yung
Second Prize - Last of The Peaks by Sara Chapman
Third Prize - Letter from a School Desk by Jordan Howlett-Jones
Highly Commended - Bones by Annie Bond
Highly Commended - Doing It Again by Kate Hudson-James
Highly Commended - Shackled by Brodie Abraham
Highly Commended - Divorce by Leora Adler
Highly Commended - Winter by Charlotte Drynan

Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

First Prize - Among the Crosses by Emerson Hurley
Second Prize - They Belong by Emerson Hurley
Third Prize - The Writer by Rebecca Batrouney
Highly Commended - Linger by Emerson Hurley
Highly Commended - Good Morning by Imogen Maher
Highly Commended - Infinity by Hannah Vesey
Highly Commended - The Daughter of the Moon by Grace Nakamura

Ipswich City Council Award - 16-17 Years

First Prize - Fill the Hole with a Bird by Zoe McDonald
Second Prize - Trouble by Cara Roux
Third Prize - I Do by Freya Cox
Highly Commended - Illuminated by Sarah Martin
Highly Commended - A Place by Rebecca Wang
Highly Commended - 11 Years a Punching Bag by Leon Miller
Highly Commended - Forgive Me, Time (Thy Rhythmic God) by Chiara Folland
Highly Commended - Reaping by Emma Crisp
Highly Commended - I Don't Care by Julina Frame

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award - Open Age Bush Poetry

First Prize - Legacy of a Fool by Catherine Lee
Second Prize - Weapon of Words by Shelley Hansen
Third Prize - Bobby by Tom McIlveen
Highly Commended - How Bluey and Me Joined the Cooee March by Val Wallace
Highly Commended - The Harder Road by Kay Gorring
Highly Commended - Far from Home by David Campbell
Highly Commended - Demons and Lambs by Tom McIlveen
Highly Commended - Harbour of Lost Dreams by Catherine Lee

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award - Open Age Other Poetry

First Prize - Bird Stitcher by Roger Vickery
Second Prize - Colony Collapse Disorder by Damen O'Brien
Third Prize - Disappearance by Roland Leach
Highly Commended - Rock Fisher by Bruce Marshall
Highly Commended - The Mort Street Badlands by Vanessa Page
Highly Commended - "Netsuke" Ivory and Blue by Gill Jewell
Highly Commended - Houses of the Living, Houses of the Dead by Jenny Blackford
Highly Commended - The Cranes by Damen O'Brien

Rosewood Green Award - Open Age Local Poets

First Prize - Grindle Road by Brett Dionysius
Second Prize - A Child Unafraid by Gill Jewell
Third Prize - A d'Arcy Doyle Painting by Leonie Parker
Highly Commended - The Kulning Song by Louisa Janke
Highly Commended - Pot Pourri ahd Bar Room Roses by Maureen Clifford
Highly Commended - A Time to Dance, A Time to Mourn by Sue Osborn
Highly Commended - A Foot Soldier's Lament by Gill Jewell

Chair's Encouragement Awards

5-17 Yrs. Winner - Once by Poppy Bell
Open Age - The Pet Shop by Maree Reedman

Ipswich Theme Awards

5-17 Yrs. Winner - My Home Town by Abbie Graham
Open Age Winner - A d'Arcy Doyle Painting by Leonie Parker

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

Wandjina by Maureen Clifford

Chairperson's School Award

The Springfield Anglican College

2016 Overall Winner & recipient of
the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Bird Stitcher by Roger Vickery

Judges’ Comments
Judges are required to provide comments on prize-winning poems only. These comments will be available only to the authors of said poems upon request. Due to privacy requirements, these comments will not be available to other authors.

Judges’ Reports
Judges will now be requested to provide an overall general feedback summary for each category they judge and the entries therein as a whole. These reports will be made available on the Ipswich Poetry Feast website at the time of publication of prize- winning poems.

Please note that all poems appearing on the Ipswich Poetry Feast web site remain the copyright of the individual poet. Under Copyright laws they may not be reproduced, reprinted, transmitted or altered in any form without express written consent of the authors.

To the best knowledge of the organiser, (Ipswich Poetry Feast Committee), the poems presented on this web site are the original work of the entrant as agreed to in the Conditions of Entry for the competition.

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