Teachers' Information Kit

Help us to get young people excited about poetry writing

The Ipswich Poetry Feast Competition was introduced with the aim of:

This kit has been developed to assist teachers and librarians who are committed to improve the writing talents of students.  Your support, in taking the time to work with your students and submit their poems, contributes to the success of the competition and the achievement of its aims.  We would also appreciate your support in helping students to proof-read and edit their work for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Please read the following information to ensure all competition conditions are met, and to gain tips on generating student enthusiasm and outcomes.

Teachers' Checklist - Avoid the most common mistakes made by schools
Tips from Teachers - Stimulate and motivate students to write and submit poems
Tips from Past Judges - Find out what the judges look for

Plagiarism is a serious issue.  All winning poems submitted in the Ipswich Poetry Feast Competition are run through a plagiarism program.  To avoid embarrassment to all concerned, we ask teachers to be vigilant in discovering and discouraging plagiarism.  Please explain to your students what plagiarism is, and that it is a serious offence.  This is in the best interests of the students, ensuring a fair and equal competition.

We know that, as a Teacher, your time is limited, however your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

In her article, Crime or confusion – why do students plagiarise?, published in EQ Australia, Issue 2, Winter 2006, Di Wilson examines the issue and causes of plagiarism and offers teaching and learning strategies to minimise its chances of occurring.

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