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2014 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Chairperson’s School Award

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

Ipswich Theme Awards

Chair’s Encouragement Awards

Rosewood Green Award – Open Age Local Poets

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award – Open Age Other Poetry

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award – Open Age Bush Poetry

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

History Rewritten by Ella Fox-Martens (First Prize)

The Cry of an African Heart by Erica Emms (Second Place)

A Heart’s Desire by Dylan Burgess (Third Place)

The Beauty within the Beast by Vegini Krishnamoorthy (Highly Commended)

Who Dies in the End? by Sara Suk-Udom (Highly Commended)

Old Man Winter by Emile Regano (Highly Commended)

The Race by Darcie Smith (Highly Commended)

Here We Stand Side by Side by Erica Emms (Highly Commended)

I Forgive You by Erica Emms (Highly Commended)

The black, black night, stiff and cold
The grasses shiver uncontrolled,
The heavy trudge of drunkards stumble
While he passes shacks, all a crumble.

There he bursts into what was a house
Startling and scattering the rat and mouse
His daughter in a corner shrinking
For he bellowed, for more drinking.

A crash! A scream!
Under the moons cold white beam,
A plead for compassion, a plead for mercy
Sprawled his child, clinging to his knee.

But his belt rose up, up so high
Reflecting in her trembling eye,
Her shaky hand then tries to scrawl
Three words upon the dirty wall.

Blind by slumber blind by drink
He watches as his strong blows sink,
On the body in the corner cringed
All because of his weekly binge.

“Now, I am to depart!
May God forgive your guilty heart!”,
His daughter cried out aloud
Then fell under deaths heavy shroud.

When he awoke from his drunken state
Realization began to penetrate,
Up above the corpse he slew
Was written I forgive you.

Yggdrasil by Simone Engele (Highly Commended)

The Lady Who Went for Afternoon Walks in High Heels by Emily Parker (Highly Commended)

Broderick Family Award – 11-13 Years

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 8-10 Years

River 94.9 Award – 5-7 Years