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Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

Broderick Family Award – 11-13 Years

2016 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Chairperson’s School Award

Edwards Property Mentorship Award

Ipswich Theme Awards

Chair’s Encouragement Awards

Rosewood Green Award – Open Age Local Poets

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award – Open Age Other Poetry

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award – Open Age Bush Poetry

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Fill the Hole with a Bird by Zoe McDonald (First Prize)

Trouble by Cara Roux (Second Prize)

I Do by Freya Cox (Third Prize)

Illuminated by Sarah Martin (Highly Commended)

A Place by Rebecca Wang (Highly Commended)

11 Years a Punching Bag by Leon Miller (Highly Commended)

Forgive me, Time (Thy Rhythmic God) by Chiara Folland (Highly Commended)

Forgive me, Time (thy rhythmic god) 
our unholy matrimony was never meant to end
But like my sugar-blossomed baby blanket,
I have deemed this love stitchable.

A veil has been lifted from my brown
buttercup eyes
and I can breathe it now:
the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Skies
– I’ve climbed to the golden fruit,
tasted its calling; felt its perfect crimson;
heard its smoothened skin; seen the sweetness of its juices –
The Age of Whining & Pining is over
and now I can sing

summer, autumn, winter, spring

You’ve risen this Earth, bathed in vivid heartstrings,
pulsing the veins of this regal orchestra:
pounding against water – the bass of bird wings;
belting the air – cries of beasts (a formula
of breathless harmony); smoothing the edges
and bolding the loudness of the silence,
birds, beasts, bugs and thistle leaves alike fuel a gentle engine –
a slow drum of seamless imperfection

Your gasp aches the bleached bones of trees,
limbs shudder at the bite of your breath,
leaves fall, skipping and prancing in the breeze,
dancing to your mellow chimes that sing the birds to bed.
Lullaby this butterfly to sleep, my lord,
unveil its inchoate cocoon, lay its head
As goes the flowers –
Stone them if you must!


I now breathe clarity:
The clouds are parted by your hand.
This world of darkness – my most unfriend – is treated for its severity –
only in gentle doses do you return it to this land
in your masterful collaboration of two worlds,
that, together, weave a proliferation of life

dawn, noon, dusk, night

Flowers erupt like exploding stars;
the Earth like one gleaming lake, immersed
in skies reigned by night,
as if you, my lord, had not raised the universe
from The Age of Darkness.

I have lifted, risen –
my senses are now
infused in the golden blood
stored in the patient seeds
streaming up the emerald veins of the Earth
reaching up to the animal (the beast just born)
nourishing its every breath and harbouring its heart
giving it the strength to reach beyond
let go

I must teach my heart your circular song

Reaping by Emma Crisp (Highly Commended)

I Don’t Care by Julina Frame (Highly Commended)

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 8-10 Years

River 94.9 Award – 5-7 Years