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Rosewood Green Award – Open Age Local Poets

2017 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Chairperson’s School Award

Picture Ipswich Theme Awards

Chair’s Encouragement Awards

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award – Open Age Other Poetry

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award – Open Age Bush Poetry

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

Broderick Family Award – 11-13 Years

Red Dress on the Hill by Olivia Priddis (First Prize)

No Time for a Joy Flight by Portia Hoole (Second Prize)

Pa’s Tale by Anna Davidson (Third Prize)

Grandma’s Cupboard by Jade Martin (Highly Commended)

Sister Sister by Rebecca Linton (Highly Commended)

Delicately by Talia Bulstrode (Highly Commended)

The Queen of Demons by Rebecca Linton (Highly Commended)

Rabbit Proof Fence (Ballad) by Hayley Victor (Highly Commended)

The story that we’ll hear, about the Rabbit Proof Fence
Is one of amazing courage, the distances were immense
But three girls were determined, “We’ll walk back home!” they swore
They had to see their mothers; they broke the white mans law.
Molly and Daisy and Gracie, they had a perfect life
Until the white man came, and put them into strife
Despite the fact they fought, all three girls were caught
Driven away in a car, that left their mum’s distraught
The girls were sent on a train, what a long ride it was
For it was not exciting, scary in fact ‘twaz
To Moore River they went, trained by Mr Neville
The girls already there, called him Mr Devil
Mr Neville’s mission, find the kids that were white
He sent them to school, oh what a fright
Molly and Gracie and Daisy, they found this kind of funny
Molly whispered to the girls, lets escape while it is sunny
The girls took great caution, when they left the camp
To cover their steps carefully, the ground needed to be damp
So Moodoo couldn’t see, where their feet had been
They hid behind a tree where, they could not be seen
They trekked on even further, until they found a man
Who gave them kangaroo, its colour was quite tan
They continued walking further, until they found a house
They spotted a group of chickens, they must act just like a mouse
Oh no they got caught, taking the chicken’s egg
The lady got upset, the girls started to beg
“Okay, stay the night, but you must leave tomorrow
Here are some jackets to wear, these are just to borrow.”
Moodoo came that night, searching for the runaways
He could not find the girls, they were now stray
They walked on even further, they’re getting quite tired now
Molly spotted a man, they walked over somehow
The man said “your Mother” and pointed at Wiluna
Gracie was so excited, she wanted to be there sooner
She was quite lit up in joy, the other girls not so much
They didn’t reply to Gracie, they walked away as such
Molly and Daisy walked, they said he could be a crook
You never know these days, everyone’s on the look
For someone doing something, that could be no good
Gracie ignored the girls, in pure silence she stood
Molly said to Daisy, she will come I know
But Gracie did not follow, she walked away slow
She walked to Meekatharra, to see her mum she hoped
Moodoo was waiting there, to catch her while she moped
Molly and Daisy walked, very far indeed
Into the desert slowly, water was in need
They were dehydrated, they even passed out
Until the eagle sang, that left them with no doubt
They suddenly realised that, home wasn’t far away
They continued walking further, they couldn’t bare to stay
Further and further they walked, only seeing the moon
They were distressed and sad, reward was coming soon
Persistence paid off, they found their mums at last
Reunited with hope, they teared up real fast
As for Gracie that is, life isn’t neat
Molly and Daisy though, they wouldn’t miss a beat

My Grandmother’s Masala by Soraiya Munshi (Highly Commended)

The Secret Life of a Clock by Rebecca Linton (Highly Commended)

The Education Of Lonely by Louis Langoulant (Highly Commended)

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 8-10 Years

River 94.9 Award – 5-7 Years