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River 94.9 Award – 5-7 Years

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award – Open Age Bush Poetry

Picture Ipswich Theme Awards

Ipswich Poetry Feast Encouragement Awards

2018 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Rosewood Green Award – Open Age Local Poets

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award – Open Age Other Poetry

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

Broderick Family Award – 11-13 Years

An Ethical Irony by Michael Swift (Equal First Prize)

A sonnet

To suffice an act of altruism, is an egoism in all integrity.
For we ourselves are an ethical schism, defined by individuals; a heredity.

Alas, albeit thee prosper with such,
thy organic yearn, equally constant.

As, isolation a quiddity of much,
a distinction of disarmed content.

Yet we disdain an act of depiction,
thus we bleed the reaping of ignorance.

To then bathe ourselves in jurisdiction,
ensuing compulsive belligerence.

To dismiss: naive, acknowledge: vain,
humanity deemed of inhumanity.

Note: A description of the ethically disregarded human premise, in each and every living entity consisting
of the ironically, contempt-ridden trait of selfishness, the motive for all action; one’s self.

The Mansion That Time Forgot by Equal First Prize (Grace Longhi)

Technology Nation by Emma Chambers (Second Prize)

The Tanami by Rafaela Southon (Third Prize)

The Door on The 3rd Floor by Gabriella Gigliotti (Highly Commended)

If Only You Knew by Disha Raval (Highly Commended)

Sea Change by Hannah Barrie (Highly Commended)

Surfing on Waikiki Beach by Alexandra Willcock (Highly Commended)

Humanty by Harmony-tree Hansen (Highly Commended)

The Broken-Hearted by Mysheka Field (Highly Commended)

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 8-10 Years