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River 94.9 Award – 5-7 Years

Metro Hotel Ipswich International Award – Open Age Bush Poetry

Picture Ipswich Theme Awards

Ipswich Poetry Feast Encouragement Awards

2018 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Rosewood Green Award – Open Age Local Poets

Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Award – Open Age Other Poetry

Ipswich City Council Award – 16-17 Years

Queensland Times Award- 14-15 Years

Picturesque by Aisha Wilson (First Prize)

A Haiku for Ants by Grace Xu (Second Prize)

The Start of Leaving by Heidi Leeman (Third Prize)

it always starts with,
“when he left”
but it never begins like that
they don’t tell you how the pain approached
how it stalked you like a slinking panther
hiding in your shadows
talons carefully prodding at your cracks
finding a way to slip in
and kill

they don’t speak about the moments before
the touch of his palm turned cold beneath your shoulder
and how you couldn’t tell if he was the iceberg or you
how a single finger crushed the bones that you called burdens
and made them barren wastelands

they don’t tell you how he began his departure
long before he left
it was the build-up, the knowing
the unknowing
of what shape this scar would leave
what shape does the kindest smile
and the softest words
tear into your flesh
and mark?

they won’t tell you about the withdrawal of winter
how he wasn’t even cold
even as he turned his cheeks away from you
and pulled his hands from your pockets
into his own
how the lifting of his jacket
he let you drape over your chest
was the last
of the absence of denim
and the first
of the presence of pain

they never talk about the practiced tidy
meticulousness gathered from years of awaited spring
it was the quiet cleaning and sweeping
dusting every corner of himself
cobwebs dotted with innocent spiders
made friends with the waste basket
the brushing snowflakes from the rafters
sprinkling the sadness in disguises on the floor
but the too soft carpet
was devoid of his footprints

they don’t tell you
how you can taste it
the subtle undertones of decisiveness
the full richness of regret
a regret that you will never convince yourself
belongs to leaving
but instead belongs to you

I will tell you
that is how heartbreak begins
and in the end?
well, you just read the end
and now, he leaves

The Second When Nothing Happened by Penelope Duran (Highly Commended)

Megane - Glasses by Grace Xu (Highly Commended)

Mother by Grace Xu (Highly Commended)

Patchwork Heart by Yehezq'El Schuster (Highly Commended)

A Message from the Sky by Grace Xu (Highly Commended)

Broderick Family Award – 11-13 Years

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 8-10 Years