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2019 Overall Winner & recipient of the Babies of Walloon bronze statuette

Ipswich Poetry Feast Encouragement Awards

Picture Ipswich Awards – Open Age

The Extended Challenge by Donald Walker (1st)

The Extended Challenge
The “old” Raceview School in 1910
Stood under the clear blue sky
The only sounds in this rural bliss
Were mines working nearby.
Aberdare Extended was one of those
Its stack seen from the school
Adjacent to Bundamba Creek
With waters clear and cool.
The shaft was sunk to mine the coal
From the rich Aberdare Seam
And this it did for many years
For the trains to raise their steam
The workers at Extended Mine
Old and young alike
Took the track off Station Road
And walked or rode their bike.
Bill Patterson a push bike rode
Though he lived nearby indeed
Unlike the Indian Motorbike
Vic Costello rode at speed.
Some miners said that Vic was fast
Others said that Bill was slicker
So a contest was arranged
To see who was the quicker
Five hundred yards was the track
From mine to Station Road
From the office it began
To find the fastest mode
Vic was slow out of the blocks
Slow to get his Indian started
Much younger Bill had made a break
And had quickly departed.
Vic was a two war veteran
Thought “ I’ve seen things more dire
The track is long and Bill is young
And he will quickly tire”.
He didn’t know that Billy lived
Opposite Extended Gate
So when he got to Station Road
He thought that Bill would wait.
Bill hid his bike behind his fence
And he too was well concealed
Vicky looked hard with his one eye
But nothing was revealed.
It was at this point Vic agreed
That Bill had won the race
He said “Pattison can ride a bike
I can’t keep up the pace”.
And so it was from that day forth
Round Raceview’s pleasant fields
Bill Patterson was recognised as
The fastest man on wheels.




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