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2021 Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Awards Open Age Poetry

2021 Picture Ipswich Awards – Open Age

2021 Broderick Family Awards – 14-17 Years

To Be a Moth in a Butterfly Garden by Syazwani Saifudin (1st Place)

Crying at the Nail Salon by Josie Minz (2nd Place)

Crying alone at the nail salon
night falling slowly,
I look at my mood ring
telling me how to feel when I can’t do so myself.
The city streets are empty
as darkness takes over
but I can’t stop speaking
so I don’t have to think
and confront the emotions I constantly step around.

The ocean rises and falls around my feet;
I stand still,
hoping the broken fragments of my heart
will wash away with the riptide
and while everyone tells me I’m okay
the voices in my head
keep me awake at night.
constantly saying otherwise.

And when summer comes,
I disconnect
secluding myself from all sense of reality.
Only the guitar
truly knows how I am feeling
and though I have painted my mask well,
each conversation tears me apart.
I dread to think what will happen
when my soul finally gives in
and the last rose petal of winter falls.

I am the fallen fruit
discarded from society;
unmoldable no matter how hard they try,
forever bound by the chains of freedom.
Try to save me if you can.
Though my conscience won’t allow it;
Too proud to apologise.
Crying at the nail salon.

family portrait carved in wood by Syazwani Saifudin (3rd Place)

riptide by Portia Claire Hoole (Highly Commended)

Ambedo Street by Sarah Campbell (Highly Commended)

listen by Syazwani Saifudin (Highly Commended)

Her by Grace Lloyd (Highly Commended)

Little Blue by Katelyn Fanlagan (Highly Commended)

Our Sacred Land by Amaeh Reed (Highly Commended)

Tempest by Melody Cherrie (Highly Commended)

2021 Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 11-13 years

2021 River 94.9 Award – 8-10 Years