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2021 Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Awards Open Age Poetry

2021 Picture Ipswich Awards – Open Age

2021 Broderick Family Awards – 14-17 Years

2021 Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 11-13 years

Wise Beyond My Years by Finn Mulvogue (1st Place)

I stand on the edge, the horizon spreads before me
The wind hits my face, I feel like I am free.
The beauty of my country, the colours of my land
Come and share it with, come and take my hand.
Let us journey on together, let us fly, let us soar
Walk the land of our ancestors, breathe life into our core.
The rain hits the desert sands, the rivers start to flow
See the green of the rainforest, as the plants begin to grow.
The sunlight filters to the ground, the land comes alive
If we care for country, we can make it thrive.

Take my hand, and come with me, our journey has begun
Bask in the glow of our love, warm our faces by the sun.
For we may not always be right, we may not all be free
But together as one, we take a stand, open our eyes, and see
Let us stand up for injustice, let us close the gap
If you cut the tree, it will bleed its sap
The fires they are burning, wilder than before
Our human hands have created this, we need to heal the sore
The earth she is crying, she is warming and distressed
We need to act together now, not wait until we’re pressed
I am a child, but I am strong, I am willing to take a stand
I hold the knowledge of my ancestors; I want to heal my land.
Let me dream, let me speak, let me cry my tears
I will try to lead you, wise beyond my years.

Disparate Deserts by Tanishkaa Ramesh (2nd Place)

Through My Window by Tanishkaa Ramesh (3rd Place)

Fire by Grace Moore (Highly Commended)

The Deadly Race by Alyssa Beauchamp (Highly Commended)

Footprints by Sahaj Kaur (Highly Commended)

Always Remember by Alyssa Mayo (Highly Commended)

In The City by Silas Lear (Highly Commended)

My Gunhi by Syon GuruPrasad (Highly Commended)

Hope by Zara Beveridge (Highly Commended)

The Darkness by Abigail Bull (Highly Commended)

Accepted by Angela Jins (Highly Commended)

Tornado by Alyssa Beauchamp (Highly Commended)

2021 River 94.9 Award – 8-10 Years