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2021 Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Awards Open Age Poetry

2021 Picture Ipswich Awards – Open Age

2021 Broderick Family Awards – 14-17 Years

2021 Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 11-13 years

2021 River 94.9 Award – 8-10 Years

Kombumerri Dreaming by Allegra Clarke (1st Place )

Chernobyl by Clem Chapman (2nd )

Lava by Mavis Colbert (3rd)

Catching My Breath by Marshall Millward (Highly Commended)

My Refuge by Samuel Hicks (Highly Commended)

As I awake, I gaze around and glimpse at the dullness of the Earth.
I stagger from my room and destruction assaults my eyes,
Each day passes by, desolate and glum,
My heart yearns for rebirth,
Softly, I close my eyes,
Where a world of aspiration awaits me,
Immense in beauty, bold and bright, my refuge.

A kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, tantalises me.
Seemingly endless, draping over my shoulder,
A sweet, perfumed aroma permeates through the air,
Luscious leaves swaying swiftly through the warm breeze,
A forest of flora waltzing with delight,
Such natural beauty is magnificent,
Immense in beauty, bold and bright, my refuge.

Burly and broad, to dainty and small,
Breathtaking beasts begird,
Enjoying freedom without boundaries,
Flocculent, plumate, hirsute,
Each unique and astounding,
Affectionate and nurturing to humankind,
Immense in beauty, bold and bright, my refuge.


Wild waterfalls to soft, sabulous shores,
Majestic mountains up high to voluptuous valleys down low,
Towering cliffs to powdery, talc-like snow,
Enrapturing to the senses,                                                                                
Captivating, entrancing, spellbinding,
Free from destruction, volley and smog,
Immense in beauty, bold and bright, my refuge.

This world brings happiness,
This world brings pure joy,
Full of warmth, tranquillity and love,
Like a hot chocolate on a Winter day,
I feel cared for, I feel brave, I feel free.
Immense in beauty, bold and bright, my refuge.

My Teacher, the Adventure Story by Sophie Jo (Highly Commended)

Worst Camping Trip Ever by Clem Chapman (Highly Commended)

The Seizure by Zarah Soosaipillai (Highly Commended)

A Cell of Sickness by Francesca Dagge (Highly Commended)

The Fire Feast by Marcus Lau (Highly Commended)

A Summer Sunset by Aleefa Gould (Highly Commended)

Pollution by Babina Bhujel (Highly Commended)

The Eagle by Aleefa Gould (Highly Commended)