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2021 Joy Chambers & Reg Grundy Awards Open Age Poetry

2021 Picture Ipswich Awards – Open Age

2021 Broderick Family Awards – 14-17 Years

2021 Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network Award – 11-13 years

2021 River 94.9 Award – 8-10 Years

Kombumerri Dreaming by Allegra Clarke (1st Place )

Chernobyl by Clem Chapman (2nd )

Lava by Mavis Colbert (3rd)

Catching My Breath by Marshall Millward (Highly Commended)

My Refuge by Samuel Hicks (Highly Commended)

My Teacher, the Adventure Story by Sophie Jo (Highly Commended)

Worst Camping Trip Ever by Clem Chapman (Highly Commended)

Last year we camped out in the bush
The worst night of my life
It truly was so terrible
Here’s what caused the strife!

The possums got into our tent
And ate near half our food
The cockatoos woke me early
And put me in a mood!

The rain got through into our tent
In the middle of the night
The dingoes scared us all to death
They gave us such a fright!

The phone reception was really bad
Trees fell down in the storm
Mosquitoes got the best of us
I wish we’d booked a dorm!

We packed up and left early
We played games in the car
I wish we’d not gone on the trip
It was the worst by far!

The Seizure by Zarah Soosaipillai (Highly Commended)

A Cell of Sickness by Francesca Dagge (Highly Commended)

The Fire Feast by Marcus Lau (Highly Commended)

A Summer Sunset by Aleefa Gould (Highly Commended)

Pollution by Babina Bhujel (Highly Commended)

The Eagle by Aleefa Gould (Highly Commended)